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Fire Marshals and the Safe Operation of Fire Extinguishers

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Fire safety is a fundamental part of workplace safety, and training your staff to carry out the roles and responsibilities effectively to maintain safety throughout your work environment is key to your business.

Who should complete the course?

This course if designed for any workplace that has a responsibility to ensure a safe environment for their employees in the prevention and event of a fire.


To give delegates the knowledge and skills to effectively carry out the key duties of the Fire Marshal, both in preventing the outbreak of a fire and in ensuring the safety of all employees should a fire occur.


By the end of the course, delegates will have the skills to:

  • Describe the difference between a Responsible Person and a Competent Person in relation to the Fire Safety Regulatory Reform Order (RRO)
  • Understand a Fire Marshal’s responsibility under the RRO
  • Describe the Fire Marshal’s responsibility with regards to the Fire Log Book
  • Identify responsibilities in accordance with company policy
  • Demonstrate proactive fire prevention
  • Demonstrate reactive fire safety measures including, door sweeps, evacuation and progressive evacuation
  • Demonstrate the measures to take during a fire evacuation and know the responsibilities of a Fire Marshal
  • Use of fire extinguisher
Course Content

Course Content

  • Fire theory
  • Legal obligation
  • Fire Marshal role
  • Human behaviour
  • Fire prevention
  • Fire drills and inspections
  • Evacuations
  • Extinguishers – types and use


Half day (3.5 hours)


Observation and groupwork.

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