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If you have staff involved in the preparation and service of food, then you will already understand the importance of excellent training in food safety.

Any organisation’s reputation can be destroyed if something goes wrong with the food coming out of the kitchen!

Whether it’s a mild case of food poisoning, a failed health inspection, or something way more serious, word spreads like wildfire. In these days of information and reviews being available to all at the touch of a screen, no one can afford to not have skilled and qualified kitchen staff.

If your organisation is customer welfare based, food safety becomes even more important, particularly if your customers’ health is not tip top to start with.

All food handlers must, by law, have the correct training and supervision.

This doesn’t only cover the handling and preparation of the actual food, it also covers personal hygiene, kitchen hygiene, pest control and many other areas detailed in the legislation.

Our Food Safety Training courses can be held on your premises or at a remote location of your choice.

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