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First aid training is a necessity for every workplace.

Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 make it mandatory to have a number of trained first aiders, appropriate to the number of employees in total (or within a specific building).

There are a few people who genuinely want to be trained in first aid, but this isn’t everyone we know.

There are also people who can deal with first aid training more easily than others. It has to be practical as well as theoretical. People will have to practice techniques. And, for some, we know this is uncomfortable.

This is why, here at Ascend, we have developed a training style which ensures each trainee feels included and is empowered to take part. We create a safe environment which dramatically improves the trainees experience and involvement in the training course.

Our Managing Director, Tony, has worked in many environments which have required first aid and emergency service intervention. He knows first-hand that first aid can save lives. This knowledge and experience is passed on to trainees at our courses. We firmly believe if someone can understand how a skill relates to their real life situation, their engagement with the new knowledge and their participation in the training course will increase dramatically.

We want you and your team to get the maximum value, knowledge and skill from any of our courses.

Our training courses can be held on your premises or at a remote location of your choice.

The First Aid courses we offer are listed below. To see more detail, please just click on the course title or contact us directly.

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