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Health and Safety is one of those subjects isn’t it! Enforced on organisations and their employees by law.

We know some people love health and safety, and others really don’t.

But whether its loved or loathed, it’s here to stay!

UK regulations state that someone in every organisation must be responsible for health and safety overall.

Generally, all employees should have a knowledge of health and safety in the workplace, they must all undergo fire training, and there should be named personnel who have a higher level of responsibilities, such as a Fire Marshall.

There is no doubt in our minds that the correct health and safety training will save lives, and for an employer that is of paramount importance just in case a situation ever arises.

Here at Ascend Learning Solutions we understand how to make sure our training is never boring.

We create a learning environment in which trainees feel safe and empowered to become fully involved. We mix theory with practical exercises and relate everything back to your company’s situation. We know that if people can envisage what they are learning applying to their everyday situations, they are far more likely to retain and implement the new information and skills.

Our training courses can be delivered on site or at a remote location of your choice.

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