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Behaviours that Challenge

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The order will progress in a logical manner through increasing levels of behaviours and discuss strategies which can be applied appropriately according to current legislation such as MCA 2005, Dols 2009, Health & Safety at Work Act, Human Rights Act 1998 and Common Law. Reasonable and proportionate responses will be explored, whilst maintaining the dignity of the person including a person-centred approach to interventions considered.

Who should complete the course?

This course is suitable for any people who work in support or care of people who display behaviours that can make it difficult to provide the best possible care on a personalised basis.


To provide delegates with the knowledge and skills to safely recognise and de-escalate situations with adults or children who may be hard to work with, in the least restrictive manner.


At the end of the course, delegates will have the skills to:

  • Explain why some behaviours may be seen as challenging
  • Discuss relevant legislation and implications for their role
  • Describe a range of underlying causes for behaviours that challenge, and their function
  • Identify potential triggers for behaviours that challenge
  • Describe the context and use of proactive and reactive strategies
  • Respond appropriately to incidents of behaviours that challenge
  • Know where to report and Record incidents
Course Content

Course Content

  • What are ‘behaviours that challenge’?
  • Possible causes and triggers
  • Legislation – overview of MCA Principles and Care Act
  • Functions of behaviours that challenge
  • Effects of behaviours that challenge
  • What is restraint and when can it be used
  • Proportionate response strategies
  • Recording and reporting
  • Your role and responsibilities


4 or 6 hours



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