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Working in a care home is challenging no matter what role you are employed in, or how senior you are. We understand.

With the growing demand for care home staff and the ever increasing standards of patient care they are expected to provide day in day out, finding the right training solution is of paramount importance.

Here at Ascend Learning Solutions we are dedicated to providing the highest quality training to deliver the best learning outcomes for your team. We want to work with you, get to know your requirements, and your team, so that your budget is considered, and the highest return is achieved in terms of qualified and proficient staff. We know that your staff are your reputation.

We firmly believe that providing the correct training for your staff, delivered in the correct way will help employee retention and minimise time off work with stress.

With this in mind, we have developed a suite of training courses that will help ensure staff are competent in their role.

Our training style is specifically designed to make sure that everyone feels included and empowered to learn.

We always apply all theory and practical exercises to real life situations, so that our trainees understand the value of what they are learning and know how to use their new skills through their work.

We can run courses on your premises or at a remote location of your choice.

To find out more about any of our courses, please click on the list below or contact us directly.

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