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Personal safety is of paramount importance to any organisation where staff could potentially be in a situation of risk.

It is important not just for the individual who may face a situation, but to the organisation as that person’s employer. If you are putting any member of your team in a situation where their personal safety may be compromised, you have a duty of care to ensure you have considered everything that is reasonable and possible to reduce the risk of harm.

Lone working has been increasing in the UK due to economic factors and challenging situations occur more and more for anyone working in a role dealing with people. It is essential that workers in such situations are prepared fully and know how to handle a wide variety of situations.

Our MD, Tony, is ex-military and has worked for the Home Office, the Prison Service and other organisations providing training around personal safety, self-defence, de-escalation tactics and managing conflict. He is the perfect person to design and deliver this suite of personal training courses. His ability to relate his knowledge and experience to the individual trainee’s situations and help them to feel empowered and confident that if a situation arose, they would know exactly how to handle it, is second to none.

The training we offer not only prepares people for challenging situations around personal safety but also helps them understand the wider situation they find themselves in, to help them to prevent a potential conflict or challenge arising.

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