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The Health and Social Care sector is increasing at a dramatic rate in the UK. It is one of the most challenging and diverse sectors to work in. Funding is limited, yet demand is increasing. Regulations are being forever tightened so that service provision is improved. And, some would say, the clients in this sector, and their families, are ever more demanding and challenging.

Here at Ascend Learning Solutions we have a long history of delivering training within this sector.

We understand the challenges to recruit and retain high quality, highly skilled staff.

Our suite of training courses is extensive so that we can deliver what you need, whether that be helping staff to look after their clients, look after themselves, or understand the requirements of their job and why they do what they are asked to.

We understand no two companies in this sector operate in exactly the same way, and this is why we like to get to know you to ensure we deliver what you need. It is vitally important that any training we deliver to your staff is positioned carefully and correctly for both your company’s needs and your clients’ needs.

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